Benefit from a successful relationship structured to meet your needs

GapLink’s process is concise, comprehensive and fully customized to deliver results in many different hospital environments. Download Our Process Chart


  Initial No-Obligation Solution Impact Analysis and Business Proposal

    • A quick and easy way to discover if GapLink Solutions can bring value to your hospital or health system
    • Detailed savings opportunity and transparent business proposal help hospital leaders make an easy, well-informed decision about partnering with GapLink
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 Risk-Share Partnership

    • No Upfront Fees, No Annual Fees, and a Built-in 100% Return on Investment
    • Contract Structure: Small approval fee + 12 month performance guarantee based on actual hard-dollar savings
    • Methods to calculate hard-dollar cost savings are transparent and agreed upon
    • Hospital Risk: Time invested to vet potential opportunity, Lost approval fees if hospital approved solutions are not implemented


Hospital Approval of Cost Savings Solutions

    • Client determines which solutions to pursue and when
    • Customized, comprehensive and concise Solution Guidance Documents assist the hospital approval process


Full Implementation of Approved Solutions

    • Optimize the timely implementation of approved changes with customized tools to standardize work practices
    • Detailed Solution Success Measurement Tools track actual cost savings result
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